Rhino Hero by HABA captures the hearts of game fans of all ages


Rhino Hero by HABA captures the hearts of game
fans of all ages

You automatically associate rhinos with a massive animal with a large head and short, powerful legs. And naturally also with the striking horns that rhinos have either one or two of depending on the species. In real life rhinos are unquestionably impressive animals. At HABA they are superheroes and even have a name: Rhino Hero. The heroic stacking game for the whole family has in recent years become a top seller in the HABA games range. And now there's Rhino Hero – Super Battle, the new action-packed 3D stacking game with wildly strong superheroes.

Rhino Hero: wildly fun play

When Rhino Hero is at work things get exciting – and high up. In the second superhero game, Rhino Hero – Super Battle, his superhero friends Giraffe Boy, Big E. and Batguin join him. Together the players build a towering skyscraper. But they will manage to climb up the many levels of the skyscraper only if it was built carefully and skillfully, and if they have luck with the dice. They shouldn't rejoice too early, as hard battles can send them back down at any time, and the mean spider monkeys are also doing their best to cause trouble. Both Rhino Hero games are the work of American game authors Steven Strumpf and Scott Frisco, and are masterfully illustrated by Thies Schwarz.

Rhino Hero mixes up the app world

Rhino Hero play continues, not only on the game board but also in the digital world: the new Rhino Hero app offers children exciting tower building fun that is based on real physics. To build the highest tower the children need to try to control the crane so that the blocks are always placed correctly. Additional highlights are the many blocks in various colors and shapes, as well as cool animations and special blocks such as a slippery ice block or a sticky block. There are naturally also villains in the app, who try to make the tower fall down.

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