Playfully greet springtime with Little Garden and Hanna Honeybee from HABA


When the spring sunshine awakens nature’s first buds, sprouts and blossoms, all gardeners, small and large, begin the gardening season. Gardening is a wonderful activity for children. Outside in the fresh springtime air, they learn much about how nature works as they sow and tend flowers and vegetables, and of course, when they reap their delicious rewards! The garden is full of bees and butterflies for children to observe, not to mention the exciting discovery of earthworms and snails. Children then learn how important and useful these little creatures are for our environment.

An excellent introduction to gardening is My Very First Games - Little Garden. This game familiarizes children ages 2 and older with garden coherencies, inspiring them to reenact what they have learned in the real garden. In Little Garden, children help Gardener Gabriel plant, water, tend and harvest strawberries, carrot and tulips. They learn about the life cycle of garden plants as well as the key tools and activities in gardening, becoming enthusiastic little helpers when the grownups work in the garden.

In My Very First Games – Hanna Honeybee, children of 2 years and older delve into the world of bees. They accompany the bees on their search for nectar to create honey. The game is ingeniously designed, as the bottom of the box, when set upright, becomes a honeycomb. Together with Hanna honeybee, the children search for a particular blossom among the tiles, matching the color on the die. Once they have found the blossom, they may put the tile, blossom side up, into the honeycomb, and enjoy a delightful feature – the blossom magically turns the honey side up when it comes out at the bottom!

The HABA series My Very First Games is ideal for all newcomers to game-playing. Educators and game authors develop the games especially for small children of 2 years and older. The rules are simple, the game materials are large wooden pieces easy to grasp, and the games come with many extra pointers and ideas for playtime enjoyment. My Very First Games challenge and foster children age-appropriately and are loads of fun, inspiring creative play with the variety of game materials.


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