The Kullerbü Play World from HABA is growing


In the past year, the Kullerbü ball tracks from HABA have conquered children’s rooms worldwide. Thanks to the clever click system and exciting special effects, building the ball tracks has become even more colorful and versatile for children from 2 years and up. In the meantime, the Kullerbü play world has grown substantially – with new ball tracks and play tracks for vehicles, in which jolly ball convertibles, speedsters with momentum motors, or a train whiz through the tracks.

Kullerbü ball tracks and exciting effect balls
Ball Paul and friends are soaring to new heights in the new Kullerbü ball tracks. The balls can playfully conquer height differences and scale airy heights with a huge elevator. Then they race rapidly downhill. And with the two new ball tracks, “Klingeling” and “Sim-Sala-Kling” music comes into play in Kullerbü. Ball Paul is also getting substantial reinforcements in time for the new ball tracks. Children will be delighted with additional exciting effect balls made from beech, plastic, or rubber with their glittering, rattling, or screeching effects.

Boundless Kullerbü driving fun: Play tracks with vehicles

Colorful ball convertibles and Egon’s railroad with screeching tires ride in the new tracks. It’s time now for the balls to “hop aboard and enjoy the ride” while they are being pushed through the tracks by the children. If another vehicle comes roaring out of the slipstream, it can only be another fast speedster with a momentum motor. Once he gets a push start, he then continues to drive through the next section by himself. Providing even more variety are play effects such as traffic lights or the ingenious turntable switch, with which the vehicles can change direction lickety-split. When playing with all the Kullerbü tracks, children can give free rein to their imagination and creativity – especially when the tracks are combined with the play rug Kullerbü.

Maximum flexibility: Awesome expansion sets and many combination options
The older children get, the more they begin to experiment. How can a stretch of Kullerbü track grow in length or height? And how can several tracks be combined with each other? In order to create new varied game landscapes, little builders frequently need additional “construction material” in the form of straight track, curves, pillars, or connecting elements. All this is included in the practical Kullerbü expansion sets. The combination options of the Kullerbü play system are as colorful and varied as the play system itself. The different Kullerbü elements can be combined with each other in many different ways so that every child can create the exact play world that is most pleasing to them.

Experience Kullerbü digitally
In the meantime, children and their parents can experience the Kullerbü play world both at home as well as digitally. At is Kullerbü’s own microsite, which will delight young and older visitors with much exciting content: read-aloud stories, do-it-yourself content, information for parents, and an interactive game world.

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