Kullerbü play tracks ensure endless play and driving fun.


Jump into the car and have fun playing with the exciting Kullerbü play tracks. As well as wooden balls with funny faces, there are also vehicles whizzing through the colorful play landscape. The speedster with momentum motor keeps driving on its own after a push start, and any Kullerbü ball can fit in the sleek ball-convertible. The play track All Over the Place, for example, has three different set up variants. The intersection and cool turntable switch bring even more variety to Kullerbü play, as they make new, exciting track layouts possible.

Combinations of ball tracks and play tracks

Not only the play track All Over the Place, but also the other tracks, focus on creativity and imagination because the Kullerbü elements can be combined together many different ways. The perfect connection between ball track and play track is the play effect "Jump into the Car", which is included in the new theme set of the same name. The balls can also use the effect without cars, as a "ski jump" or "jump into" an available ball-convertible and drive off in it. As well as this, the theme sets "Police Deployment", "Racetrack" or "Flower Power" also ensure plenty of fun. They can be set up with the tracks or are suitable for free play – the perfect gift idea for a birthday or special treat. The Kullerbü complementary sets offer additional building material, with which the tracks can be expanded and converted. Also available from fall 2017 are the new emergency vehicles with momentum motors and the construction vehicles. The special highlight: The wheel loader and dump truck can be loaded with Kullerbü balls to transport them from A to B.
A detailed overview of which Kullerbü tracks can be combined with each other can be found at www.haba.de/kullerbue

The Kullerbü play world: Playing fun for children from 2 to 8 years old

Kullerbü is a flexibly expandable HABA play system that consists of colorful ball tracks and play tracks for Kullerbü vehicles. Thanks to its large parts, which can’t be swallowed (ball Ø: 4.6 cm), they ensure playing fun for children from 2 years of age. Kullerbü is also attractive and exciting for older children because the Kullerbü elements can be combined with each other with fantastic effects and loving illustrations. This stimulates the creativity and imagination of children and encourages them to experiment. Another special feature is the clever click system that makes building the Kullerbü tracks child’s play and provides stability at the same time.
Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and deliberately works with the advantages of each particular material. The balls, columns, curves, straight tracks, and ramps made from beech wood and the effect elements made from plywood are sturdy and make the Kullerbü play system from HABA into a long-lasting toy for your child’s entire childhood – and beyond. Wood is a fantastic raw material that can be turned into countless game ideas for toys and games.

It is with good reason that wooden toys have been an essential component of HABA’s range of products since the company’s founding.

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