It’s Better Outdoors: With Terra Kids from HABA, Children Rediscover Nature


Carve a fun figure from a branch ... Examine a bug closely under a magnifying glass ... Camp in the backyard in summer and take an exciting night walk at midnight. For children, there are countless adventures to experience in nature – and what is always important is having the right equipment. This is precisely where the Terra Kids products from HABA come into play. In the past few years, the product range has been further expanded as well as modernized. Everything is new from the photography to the packaging concept. What has stayed the same is the heart of the product range: high-quality products that convey to children the fun of
movement, discovery, and adventure in nature.

Tools not toys

When carving, drilling, filing, and sawing, children are dealing with genuine tools instead of with toys made of plastic. This requires the proper and responsible handling of the tools, which children of course must first learn from adults. And the more confidence parents have in their children, the more the children’s independence and self-confidence is reinforced. Hammer, pliers, screwdriver, etc. belong to the basic equipment of craftspeople, big and little. The tools are neatly stored in the Terra Kids Toolbox Kit, which can be put together in a few easy steps. Especially practical is the integrated tool bag, which can be attached on the belt and removed with the help of aluminum carabiners. The tool is within easy reach quickly, and the little ones can flexibly putter around just like grown-ups. Another highlight in the Terra Kids range is the mini multi-function vise. Children can clamp
short branches with a maximum diameter of 4 cm in the vise and then work on them further by carving or sawing. And not only that: The additional nutcracker and chestnut drill function turn the vise into a real all-round tool that fosters not only children’s fine motor skills, concentration, and stamina but especially their creativity as well.

Research, discover, collect

Children are by nature curious – and like to examine nature very closely under a magnifying glass. Whether snails, insects, bugs, or birds … all that is extremely interesting for little discoverers – and can be observed in peace and quiet with the Terra Kids children’s magnifying glass and children’s telescope. A cool accessory for all little tree house inhabitants is the Terra Kids pulley. It saves little adventurers from frequent climbing up and down and can also be taken apart and put back together again as needed and used elsewhere. Also perfect for research adventurers in nature is the carabiner set, with which light objects can be attached to a belt or backpack. There’s one thing that children especially like to do on their forays through nature: collect. From
rocks to chestnuts to flowers – hands and pant and jacket pockets are often full of natural treasures after a walk or outing. Without great effort, children can press together the most beautiful flowers, leaves, and grasses in the sophisticated Terra Kids plant press. They can preserve them and then process them further, for example, into a beautiful self-crafted collage.

Campfire adventure

A campfire is something special for children in many ways. They get to eat outdoors instead of at the dinner table and with their fingers much more often instead of with silverware. But before hot dogs, campfire bread, etc. can be eaten, the campfire must first be really burning. Here as well, children can get involved in all the steps of preparation – from gathering wood to laying the fire. And with the Terra Kids Fire Starter Set, it’s very easy to get a fire going. When the pulling tool is energetically pulled across the fire stick, sparks are generated that ignite the lighter – a cotton ball saturated with wax.

Movement in the fresh air

Children have a very natural urge to move, which can vary significantly. Yet no matter whether the little ones like to romp around outside on their own initiative or need an incentive – with Terra Kids they get moving right away and have all kinds of fun in doing so. When the Terra Kids Hand Launch Glider is taken under the wings between thumb and index finger and energetically let fly, it glides swiftly and elegantly through the air. Just as sophisticated is the Terra Kids slingshot glider, a perfect mix of a swift slingshot with rubber band and elegant

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