This year, you will reunite with several dear friends, such as the Little Friends. The immensely popular Play World of HABA’s bendable dolls has been greatly expanded! Every day, many four-legged patients are lovingly treated at the modern, well-equipped Little Friends Veterinary Clinic. You will also see that many new animals are now at home on the Little Friends Farm.

Spotlight on Kullerbü! The comprehensive Play Track Parking Garage offers all kinds of playtime excitement. Not only is there plenty of parking space for Kullerbü vehicles, there is a carwash, a lifting platform, a gas pump to fill tanks and a helicopter landing pad on the upper deck.

Doll mommies and daddies want the very best for their little darlings. HABA’s new Baby Doll Jule is a delightful protégé, ready for pampering. With all kinds of accessories for feeding, changing diapers, dressing and much more.

And then there’s HABA’s fabric toys for babies and small children. In this area, 2018 is dedicated to Dragon Duri and Mouse Merle. These two friends are baby’s constant companions throughout childhood, from the very beginning.

In 2018, a little frog makes his great debut! Our children’s game highlight – Castle Climbing Frog is a thrilling dexterity and memory game. Bit by bit, players help Francesco Croaker climb up the spectacular 3D castle, retrieving residents’ objects that have fallen in the castle pond.

Known and loved around the world: memory, lotto, puzzles and dominos are among the most prominent and popular games. Newly and lovingly illustrated, HABA has them all! HABA’s Favorite Games are not only a delightful pastime, they offer children an easy introduction to the world of games. An excellent gift for any occasion, or simply just because.

Children especially make tracks for our delightful color-die game, Color Choo Choo! The colorful wooden train and XXL gameboard with a network of tracks, switches and stations provides limitless playtime pleasure, whether the train is racing down the track or comfortably rumbling along.

A special kind of learning game, Multiplied Fortunes is a riveting expedition deep into the rainforest where players’ arithmetic abilities are needed. With dexterous multiplication, finding the right numbers, they fill the riddle wall. The little fortune hunters can easily check whether their sums are right or wrong.

And of course, our game inventors have something special for the youngest game fans. My Very First Games – Fire! Fire! is a cooperative memory game whereby the packaging is transformed into a fire station.

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