HABA-Fall novelties…cheerful colors, endless diversity and fantastic fun!


Naturally, HABA has given special attention to Little Friends and the Kullerbü Play world this fall. The Ball Track Twist & Spin lets balls zoom through two consecutive ball steep curves, building up maximum acceleration!

The new, brilliantly colored HABA musical toys invite children to experiment with sounds and tones – fantastic fun! And not only that, Rainmaker Wormy, Clattery Crocodile and groovy Symphony Croc support children’s musical development and strengthen their sense of rhythm.

The new family games HABA published last year were received with enormous enthusiasm, which was confirmed by Karuba’s nomination for the 2016 “Spiel des Jahres“ (Game of the Year). So, naturally we‘re happy to continue our family game series this fall. The complex game mechanism of Meduris provides an exciting challenge for all strategists at the gaming table. The high-speed auction game, Lady Richmond, lets
players do their best to outwit their opponents and Picassimo is a totally nutty drawing game providing fun and hilarity for the entire family. And Adventure Land has been ingeniously expanded by Adventure Land – King & Princess, bringing 3 new adventures with even more diversity.

HABA family games aren‘t the only ones that have something new in store for you! In the children’s games series, Dragon Tower brings you a spectacular 3D construction, combining a cooperative memory game and a game of dexterity. Only with perfectly attuned teamwork can the players rescue the kidnapped princess before the dragon – a mechanical game figure – pulls the boulder from under the scaffolding and the whole
thing collapses!

And we also have a birthday this year! The Orchard game is turning 30, an occasion to celebrate with a lovely metal box edition. My Great Big Orchard Game Collection includes 10 delightful games in one package, including, of course the classic Orchard game and 9 additional, highly diverse game ideas. The comprehensive, premium game materials of wood and cardboard provide endless hours of fun for all children between 3 and 6 years old.

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