HABA Fall New Products: colorful, musical & wildly cool


Something is happening again this fall with the Little Friends: The farmhouse special edition is here with four cute figures for free!

There is also something new from the Kullerbü game world. The Play Track All Over the Place, a limited special edition with a handy plastic storage box will provide boundless playing fun. Vehicles can change direction in no time thanks to the ingenious rotating switch, and the intersection enables new and exciting track layouts.

Music comes into play wherever the new elephant, rhino, money, donkey, and croc musical puppets show up. They jingle, rattle, or squeak – and it becomes especially fun when they meet their wild friends for a joint sound concert.

Another animal sure to be a sensation in the HABA range is the little Caterpillar Mina! She will delight babies and small children with her cheerful colors and cool play effects to discover.

When fall days again grow shorter and the weather no longer wants to cooperate as much, it’s time to settle in again indoors. And what would be more appropriate than an afternoon or evening of games with the family or good friends?

The new HABA family games are arriving at exactly the right time. Following the great success that the HABA family games have achieved in the past two years, this series is now being further expanded. Iquazú is delighting all players with its high-quality features. Particularly refined is the dynamic game board, on which precious stones disappear as if by magic. In Boom, Bang, Gold the players set out on a fast and furious search for gold. CONEX is an abstract card arranging game with many corners and edges, and King of the Dice is a tricky competition for the whole family.

Also new among our family games is Karuba – the card game, the new variation of the award-winning bestseller Karuba and a must for all Karuba fans!
And in the area of bring-along games, all young explorers should be pleased about Karuba Junior. This cooperative arranging adventure features large play figures and simple rules.

Our children‘s game highlight is Climbing Frog Castle. In this exciting game of skill and memory, a small frog comes out right on top. With the help of the players, he scales the spectacular 3D castle bit by bit and tries to bring, back to the inhabitants, the objects that have fallen into the castle pond.

With the new Active Kids Games, HABA is picking up on a current hot topic: Children are becoming increasingly less athletic and more overweight – in fact, world-wide. The earlier children manage at a young age to overcome their inner temptations and get exercise, the easier it will be for them later. Our Active Kids Games playfully awaken children’s natural urge to be active. Through simple rules and short duration, the games can be quickly and easily integrated into everyday life.

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