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Environmental protection and sustainability

Our ideas in wood have their roots in Germany

Children are the best we have; at HABA we have known that for well over 70 years. That’s how long we have been inventing playthings for the nicest target group on earth. Eight production designers, seven game editors and five graphic designers puzzle over their ideas, discard and refine them, draw sketches, build prototypes and endlessly play. They do so with a lot of imagination and a special feel for children’s needs. Year over year approximately 500 ideas for playthings and furnishings are born and sold in 50 countries – all those ideas born in Germany!

Our roots are in Germany just like most of the trees that we process for our wooden toys. HABA uses wood from sustainable forestry in Germany. Therefore our wooden playthings bear the PEFC quality seal – a distinction awarded for sustainable and responsible forestry. This ensures that our forests will be preserved for future generations as a natural resource, a place for both employment and leisure.

At HABA we follow the principle that a toy is only as safe as the material from which it is made. So we continuously improve and control the quality of the wood, colors and fabrics that we use. Just like our finished toys, the raw materials that we use also comply with all security standards and regulations. Any colors we use are water-based and solvent-free. For decades now we have been co-operating in this area with our German partners. All other materials used to produce our toys outside of Bad Rodach are also checked and quality controlled in Germany.

All wooden clutching toys, play figures and building blocks first see the light of the day in Bad Rodach. Prior to being shipped out HABA playthings are carefully and thoroughly inspected, the controls going way beyond the legal regulations that are already particularly stringent in the case of toys! The TÜV Rheinland Gruppe (LGA, certification company specializing in toy and furniture testing) puts our materials and finished playthings through constant, continual tests. This independent certification company, with several years experience, carries out the controls according to all current European and international standards and regulations.

The name HABA stands for decades of experience and the highest quality standards for toys. We want you to always trust in HABA. Therefore with our playthings we constantly conform to meet and exceed all the latest regulations and directives. This also applies to all production processes which we regularly optimize in terms of techniques and methods.