Play Fun in the Bathroom, Wading Pool, and Swimming Pool

When the rubber duck finally gets a whiff of fresh air and amicable dolphins are sighted beside fearsome crocodiles in the swimming pool, then everything is ready: another outdoor swimming pool season has started! Every year children can hardly wait until the temperatures finally start going up and they can get into the wading pool or outdoor swimming pool for the first time.  But even indoors at home in the bathroom, there is nothing better for many children than sitting in the bathtub. Splashing, spraying, and splattering are great fun ... and are part of children’s play. So grab some empty bottles and cups, bath animals, squirting characters, and other water toys and get started. It’s often so much fun that it’s not easy to get the little mermaids and bathtub pirates out of the water again.

But there are also grumpy little water people. Stepping in puddles with rubble boots is still okay, but dunking and especially having their hair washed is a horror show for them. Amusing playthings can help relieve the anxiety and provide relaxation and fun in the bathtub.

Bathtub playthings for little adventurers

Squirting, dripping, dumping, and pouring ... Water is a fabulous element, and exciting water plaything make splashing around twice as much fun.

The cool red Firefighting Plane is just the thing for little adventurers. Especially fun is the fact that you can stop the water flowing from the holes in the belly of the air tanker when you press your finger on the top hole. The plastic beads swim merrily back and forth inside the plane, and the propeller can be turned. So quickly immerse it, tank up with water, and you’re ready to fight a fire. It works well both indoors in the bathroom and outdoors in the wading pool or swimming pool. The Infant bucket, Boating set, spraying characters, and the Angler Set Water Friends belong in every water-fun beach bag and are easily and quickly packed and taken along.

The Ball track Bathing bliss is perfect for all children who like to play in the bathtub. The tracks and play elements of the ball track have suction cups and hold on all smooth surfaces. They can be flexibly combined and re-arranged again and again. You can get going as soon as the tracks are attached. The ball flits from one track to another, gets the paddle wheel moving, and finally falls back into the water. And the ball track is of course even more fun when you send water through the ball track structure with the scoop that is included.

And if you want to, you can open a café in the bathtub at the end of an exciting day. Pour bath water from the watering can into a cup and serve it as “tea,” whisk in some foam with the Bubble Bath Whisk and then pile up and serve up a “whipped cream cake” on a plastic plate ... Little role-plays like this one are a lot of fun for children.