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HABA Fall New Products: colorful, musical & wildly cool

Something is happening again this fall with the Little Friends : The farmhouse special edition is here with four cute fi gures for free! There is also something new from the Kullerbü game world. The Play Track All Over the Place , a limited special edition with a handy plastic storage box will provide bound- less playing fun. Vehicles can change direction in no time thanks to the ingenious rotating switch, and the intersection enables new and exciting track layouts.



New at HABA: The Little Friends discover rural life

In recent years, the Little Friends dolls from HABA have won over the hearts of many children worldwide. No wonder – they are particularly clever, sugar-sweet, and are ready for any bit of nonsense. The exciting Little Friends play world has recently been expanded by the Farm Series, whose centerpiece includes a large barn, playable on both sides, with hay loft, pulley lift, operable barn wall as well as a detailed and lovingly designed farmhouse. There's room for the whole farm family: Farmer Franz and Farmer Johanna and their children. Two tractors ensure that the work on the farm is done faster and easier – which is a good thing, since there's a whole lot to do on the everyday life at a farm. A horse, donkey, sheep, pig, goose, hen, rabbit, cow, etc. must be taken care of day in and day out.



Rhino Hero by HABA captures the hearts of game fans of all ages

You automatically associate rhinos with a massive animal with a large head and short, powerful legs. And naturally also with the striking horns that rhinos have either one or two of depending on the species. In real life rhinos are unquestionably impressive animals. At HABA they are superheroes and even have a name: Rhino Hero. The heroic stacking game for the whole family has in recent years become a top seller in the HABA games range. And now there's Rhino Hero – Super Battle, the new action-packed 3D stacking game with wildly strong superheroes.


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