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Sound Ball

  • removable module with volume control and standby mode
  • pleasant and natural sounds
  • new technology: sounds are produced by gently touching the silver thread
  • a variety of elements to touch and explore
  • Sounds: chirping, munching, sneezing, waves
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Product details

Watching, feeling, touching and listening ... this sound ball offers children many options and remains interesting for a long time. In order to listen to the many different, pleasant and natural sounds children simply have to touch the silver colored seams. In this way motor and auditory skills, as well as musicality, are fostered. The sound module with volume control (2 steps), standby mode and on-off switch is removable.

Height 16 cm
Width 16 cm
Length 16 cm
Age from 6 months
Material polyester
Product weight 0.24 kg
Volume 6,623 cm³
Number of sounds 8 units
Number of batteries/rechargeable batteries 3 units
Type of energy supply battery
Type of battery or rechargeable battery AAA
Design by Anna Lena Räckers