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Secret Mission

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Product details

Agent X has finally made his way to the high-security unit. Now he doesn’t have a second to lose, as the countdown to memorize the secret code has begun. Watch out! Many different things can disrupt a mission. Be it barking dogs or swirling sirens, cunning agents must never lose their cool! Whoever is best at concentrating will win this suspense-laden master exam for agents.

Contents: 40 code cards, 8 disruption cards, 8 Fex cards, 1 hourglass.
Age from 8 years
Age to 99 years
Material wood
Product weight 173 g
Game type concentration game
card game
learning game
Number of players from 2 persons
Number of players up to 5 persons
Game duration from 10 min
Game duration up to 15 min
Illustrators Heinrich Drescher
Sonja Hansen
Authors Christiane Hüpper
Miriam Koser
Markus Nikisch
Language German
Product range fex

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