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Large Play Set At the Zoo

  • package becomes the zoo building, that can be played with from all sides
  • ideal for transport and storage
  • unique: play set includes additional funny game ideas
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Product details

Welcome to the zoo! A lot of wild animals live here and it’s the zookeeper George who looks after them. He keeps their stalls tidy, provides their food and plays with them. So little zoo lovers can think up all sorts of different role-plays with the animals, over and over again. All play figures are caringly designed and freestanding. The adaptable and expandable Play World leaves endless room for the imagination and fosters your child’s language skills through play.

Contents: zookeeper George, 1 elephant, 1 hippo, 1 giraffe, 1 camel, 1 flamingo, 1 monkey, 1 tiger, 1 lion, 1 polar bear, 1 penguin, 1 crocodile, 1 zebra, 1 patch of grass, 2 trees, 1 wheelbarrow, 3 fences, 2 rocks, 1 signpost, set of game instructions.
Function hop
Width 32.2 cm
Age from 1.5 years
Material wood
Product weight 1,341 g
Movement type push
Height/length 23.4 cm
Volume 7,987 cm³

Game instructions