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Küllerbü rolling and racing fun

Discover the magic of Küllerbü!

Welcome to HABA’s Little Friends

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Little Friends

We recommend: Let the puppets dance!

Casper, Crocodile & friends
All glove puppets & puppet theaters at a glance
Raise the Curtain and Clear the Stage for the HABA Glove Puppets!
The anticipation in the audience is palpable before each theater performance as everyone eagerly …

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A look behind the scenes at HABA …

Introducing the HABA design department

Product Design
HABA videos
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HABA Videos
Mali asks the question of the month

Our little Mali is very curious. Each month she asks a HABA staff member a fascinating new question. In september, she would like to know why is it important to speak to each other?

Discover HABA theme worlds

Enter the exciting world of HABA’s Little Friends!

Little Friends theme world

Welcome to our exciting world!
Welcome to Küllerbü!

To the theme world Kullerbü

Welcome to Kullerbü