Nature is pure adventure


With Terra Kids from HABA, children can rediscover the joys of the outdoors!

When children are out and about, it is naturally all about getting some fresh air, but that’s not all. Being outdoors means getting your circulation going, training your muscles, reducing stress and aggression, all while having fun! In a nutshell, nature has a positive effect on children's physical and mental well-being. At a time when digitalization and influential media are on the increase, it is even more important for children to have stimulation and to go outside, and for them to have the right equipment. Terra Kids outdoor products stand for the enjoyment of the adventure and the pleasure of exercise, and for fun with researching and discovering.  Terra Kids item are not toys, but specially made tools for children.  

Designing, screwing and puzzling it out: the new Terra Kids Kids 

Making something with your own hands makes children proud and strengthens their self-confidence. The Terra Kids kits are an ideal opportunity to train and improve their crafting skills. They are easy to assemble and provide fun for young and old to craft and tinker about. With the cork boat construction kit, in just a few steps you can construct a speed boat out of pressed cork granules. The boat has perfect buoyancy properties in shallow water, in the sea or in the bathtub and can be combined and enhanced with finds from nature, as desired. 

The insect hotel provides a sheltered place for beneficial flying insects to lay their eggs, and the structure of the hotel is finished in no time at all, as the wooden parts simply need to be screwed together. For the interior fittings, pre-drilled perches are included, with the rest of the filling material to be found in nature by the children themselves. The insect hotel construction kit not only helps to sustain biodiversity, but also encourages children to observe insects. It also contains an instruction booklet with tips on choosing the right location, and it is recommended by the Regional Association for the Protection of Birds (LBV) - as is the nesting box kit. It is screwed together in just a few steps and is then ready to be hung outdoors and lived in by the birds, which in turn encourages children to observe and identify different bird species and their characteristics. 

Terra Kids stands for real tools, not toys

Tools have many purposes, yes of course they do make tasks easier, but they are also important in order for children to use to learn and improve their manual skills. As well as this, craftsmanship also triggers a creative thinking process. Children need to have tools readily available that are precisely tailored to meet their needs. Terra Kids tools are designed to fit children's hands perfectly in terms of weight and ergonomics - no matter whether it's a hacksaw, wood rasp, pliers, hammer or screwdriver. It's not just the tools themselves, but also the protective equipment such as the Terra Kids work gloves or the Terra Kids safety goggles that are optimally designed for children's use. The breathable safety goggles with reinforced rubber straps and side protection can be used for a wide range of purposes? They provide reliable all-round protection against dust, splinters and liquids and are also suitable for kids who wear glasses. 

Exciting reading matter for young outdoor adventurers 

The new Terra Kids Outdoor guides encourage children to get outdoors and discover nature. They come in a handy format with a practical closure strap, and they include many extras. Survival tips, checklists, quiz questions to guess at, ideas for games and much more - all explained in an age-appropriate, cool way for young adventurers from 6 and 8 years of age. The two outdoor manuals called Forest Adventure and River Adventure show children the many exciting things they can enjoy in nature - and things they should never do in the forest or on the river, and with the manuals called Discovering Birds, Discovering Insects and Discovering the Night, children can identify a variety of birds, insects, crawling animals and stellar constellations.   

Classics in the Terra Kids range

For many years now, the bug viewer, the children's magnifier and the observation magnifying glass have been an integral part of the Terra Kids range, allowing children to "take a closer look" at their environment in the truest sense of the word. The headlamp and tent lamp are indispensable for spending the night in nature, the throwing glider really gets children moving in the fresh air and the mini-multi functional vice is a true year round tool because it can be used as a vice, nutcracker and a drill for chestnuts all in one. 

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