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I’m Mali from HABA! I’m anxious to learn everything there is to know about the company. It’s thrilling to observe everyone hard at work! But some things seem quite complicated ... so I’m left with all sorts of questions. Luckily the people at HABA are really nice and explain whatever I want to know, so I can report to you the new things I’ve discovered.

Best wishes,



How fast, in fact, is a snail’s pace?
How much sand is there on the beach?
Why don’t people hibernate?
Would like to know can time really fly?


Can I be a brave super hero?
What can you play with adults?
Are we there yet?
Why does skin get all wrinkly in the bath?
Do spiders have teeth?
Why can’t I dress up like a witch every day?
Why is winter cold?


Why do we have to brush our teeth?
Why do grownups have to go to work?
Can you have more than one girlfriend?
Why can’t everyone win when playing?
Why do I have to clean up my toys at the end of the day?
Why do little children have to learn to walk?
Why does cake get bigger in the oven?
Which language do HABA dolls speak?


How come angels can fly?
How do ball tracks get their curves?
Why do building blocks have corners?
What is the color of water?
Where do unicorns live?
What does Red taste like?