Marble, ready, steady, go!


With HABA ball tracks children learn to construct, block by block

Children discover the world through play. It's precisely through playing with building blocks and ball tracks that they learn not only perseverance and dexterity but also the laws of physics. HABA ball tracks are toys with a system:

  • My first ball track is suited for all little master builders age 18 months and up. This track is the perfect transition from first piling attempts with simple building blocks to the free construction of a classic ball track.
  • The Kullerbü play system lets ball Paul and Co. roll through colorful playscapes. The clever click system and columns of various heights ensure maximum slip-proof momentum. Furthermore, with its visual and acoustic effects, Kullerbü will continually delight children from the age of 2 and up.
  • With the classic ball track all children, age 3 years and up, can observe how new constructions can be continuously generated by rearranging, changing and varying.

All three HABA ball track systems can in principle be combined with each other. You will find the most important information and notes about this at the end of this article.


Exploring with all senses

First, little ones explore the construction pieces of My First Ball Track with all their senses. They examine their shapes, sizes and weights and experiment with how the pieces can be joined together. The colored connecting blocks have pivots that latch easily onto the lower side of the track offering a helpful feature for constructing, and giving additional stability to the finished ball track. Assembling is really easy thus fostering the self-reliance and motor skills of small children, encouraging them in their activity. Clicking the pieces, rolling and discovering ... it’s just simply fun. Big effect balls and domino blocks that can be knocked over at the end of the ball track, provide lots of excitement.

On the ball, get set ... go!

The large wooden balls, some of which have faces, make the Kullerbü play system for children into a toy that is fascinating and fun.

Kullerbü is the perfect combination of wood and plastic parts and deliberately works with the advantages of each particular material. And the construction principle is child’s play in the truest sense: click, fit together, done! The simple system of connecting elements brings maximum stability since the tracks and curves are firmly secured to each other. The columns provide height and get the large balls really rolling.

Since the Kullerbü elements can be flexibly combined with each other, various construction options are possible. With time, children can themselves experiment and try out endlessly new Kullerbü constructions.


Constructing, Playing, Watching

As the master builders grow bigger, My First Ball Track can be expanded with the classic ball track. The third birthday is a perfect occasion to start with a basic pack – whether the child has had My First Ball Track or not. The special feature of the HABA Ball Tracks is that they grow with the children and can be enlarged with the interesting complementary sets and adjusted to suit the age of the child. The older children grow the more they like experiments. They quickly find out that curves, straights, slopes and height influence the rolling of the ball. Thus children are introduced to basic laws of physics through trying, reconstructing and repetition.


Constructing, Testing, Experimenting

If the children have explored the classic Ball Track extensively, they automatically increase the level of difficulty of their constructions in order to bring new excitement into play with the balls. Over time children will come to learn the factors that change the speed or the distance covered by a ball. They know how a track has to be laid out so that the ball doesn’t stop but steadily rolls towards its target.

This means that playing with the ball track builds upon all previous experiences and children can construct completely new tracks, outlining and planning them. This trains their ability for three-dimensional constructions, fosters motor skills and increases concentration.


Compatibility of the HABA ball track systems

The extra large wooden balls (diameter: 4.6 cm/1.8 inch), which cannot be swallowed and that are included in My First Ball Track and the Kullerbü ball track, are specially adapted to the wide straight tracks, curves, and ramps of both of these systems. Compared to these, the tracks of the classic HABA ball track have a considerably narrower milled track, down which the speedy colorful marbles (diameter: 1 cm/0.39 inches) can roll.

If My First Ball Track or the Kullerbü ball track is combined with the classic HABA Ball Track to create a new larger ball track construction, the following should be noted:

Only the small marbles can roll through the entire construction and not the large wooden balls. That’s why it is important that the classic HABA Ball Track always forms the starting point of the emerging ball track construction. While the curves, straight tracks, and ramps from all three systems can be flexibly combined with each other, some effects cannot or can only be partly combined with each other. Two examples of this: only the large wooden balls can roll through the large big dipper ramp or the looping ramp – both Kullerbü elements – but not the small marbles. The marbles can of course roll smoothly through other Kullerbü elements such as the windmill wheel ramp; however, unlike the large Kullerbü wooden balls, they cannot trigger the corresponding effect. The reason: their diameter is too small to set the windmills in motion.

There are no limits to their creativity and imagination when constructing and reconstructing. Who can build the most exciting, most rapid and highest ball track?
Marble, ready, steady, go!


Overview of the HABA ball track systems

My First Ball Track

  • For children from 18 months and older
  • Is made completely of wood
  • Easy to set up thanks to the pegs
  • Rolling fun with less momentum needed– good for observing simple effects

Kullerbü Play System

  • For children ages 2 years and older
  • Perfect combination of wood and plastic
  • Clever click system for stable momentum
  • Flexible elements that can be combined with each other with awesome effects and affectionate illustrations.
  • Rolling fun at various heights – thanks to the columns, the balls really take off

Classic HABA Ball Track

  • For children ages 3 years and older
  • Made from beech wood
  • With cool visual and acoustic elements made of high quality plastic or metal
  • Encourages building, investigating, and experimenting over and over again
  • The continuation of My First Ball Tack and the Kullerbü play system.