Imaginary monsters and a fear of the dark: Why falling asleep sometimes isn't as easy as it sounds for children

Every child is different – and though this is easy to say, in some situations it creates huge challenges for parents, for example when it's time to go to bed. While for some children bedtime is a smooth and structured process, for other children it's a test of patience for the parents. How nice would it be if there was a universal solution for children getting to sleep? Unfortunately there's no such thing. After all: every child is different. But there are some things that help a lot of children get to sleep and sleep through more easily. For example, it's important to create a comfortable atmosphere in the children's room, one that is conducive to sleeping, e.g. with atmospheric light from a night light or plug-in nightlight that projects calming dream-like pictures onto the ceiling. Soft, familiar melodies from musical boxes or mobiles also make sure that the little ones can calm down more easily, and relax. This lays a good foundation for a shared evening bedtime ritual that creates a feeling of familiarity and security between the children and the parents. The details of this ritual – whether reading a story aloud, looking at a picture book together or cuddling on the couch – are very individual, and vary greatly from child to child, and from family to family.

Mali asks the question of the month: What's the best way to scare off monsters?

Little Mali at HABA is convinced: there are scary monsters hiding under her bed, and they come out as soon as it gets dark in her room. But Mali wouldn't be Mali if she didn't look for a way to scare off the monsters ...

Anti-monster spray

Monsters aren't easy to catch, let alone scare off. The only chance is if you have a real "wonder weapon" – like this anti-monster spray, which you can make in a few simple steps.

Material required:

  • an empty, clean spray bottle without label
  • scissors 
  • glue stick
  • printable template (either to color in yourself or already finished)
  • pencils to color in the template

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. download the finished/color-in template
  2. trim the template down to suit the size of the spray bottle
  3. glue template on the bottle
  4. label the bottle if required 
  5. fill the spray bottle with water
  6. spray the anti-monster spray in the children's room if little ones are scared of monsters