Terra Kids Connectors – Construction Set Figures

  • every figure is unique
  • stimulates powers of imagination and creativity
  • inspires children to go outdoors and make things
  • materials provided can be joined together to make at least three different figures (by following instructions provided) or any number of original creations
  • Tip: Connectors and twigs/branches can also be joined permanently with wood glue
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Product details
Forage, saw, drill, join. With Terra Kids Connectors, children can construct a variety of interesting figures. The principle is simple and ingenious: gather wood outdoors to work with at home. Drill holes, insert connectors and connect to another piece of wood – the figures gradually come to life. The instructions contain many suggestions for other projects. Wooden twigs/branches are not included.
1 hand drill (diameter 6 mm), 58 connectors, 3 round rods, 4 corks.
Age from: 8 years
Material: Steel, Cork, ABS, Beech
Item no. 305343