Number Sequence

  • a great gift for preschoolers
  • playfully discover the range of numbers from 0 to 10
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While playing in the forest, the animal friends have mixed up the many number tiles. Now the players have to get the numbers back in the right sequence. They need some luck when turning tiles over and have to remember which tiles the other players have turned over. The first player to lay out a sequence of 8 consecutive number tiles wins.
44 number tiles, 5 wooden starting tiles, 1 “golden acorn” winner tile, 1 set of game instructions.
• Shuffle the number tiles and spread them out in the center of the table face-down. Each player gets one wooden starting tile.
• Take turns to turn over any tile and, if you can, place it in your own number sequence.
• Tiles can be placed in either direction, next to the starting tile or next to a tile at the end of the number sequence.
• The first player to arrange a number sequence of 8 tiles (including start tile) wins the tile with the golden acorn!
Authors: Kristin Dittmann
Annemarie Hölscher
Illustrators: Dennis Lohausen
Game type: learning game
placement game
Game instructions language: Italian
Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
Number of players up to: 4 persons
Game duration from: 5 min
Number of players from: 2 persons
Age to: 99 years
Age from: 5 years
Material: Cardboard, Beech
Item no. 304517

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