Made in Germany

My Very First Games – Sleepy Princess – Good night

  • includes real, snuggly down comforter
  • enchanting game scenery
  • features the read-aloud fairy tale
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It’s time for bed and little Penny Pea princess climbs into her princess bed. It’s really quite cozy, but something keeps annoying the little princess, and she simply cannot settle down. Is she thirsty? Is her stuffed animal missing? Or maybe a small green pea under her stack of mattresses could be keeping Penny awake. Who can help Penny Pea princess?
1 game board, 1 Penny Pea princess, 1 downy comforter, 1 princess bed, 7 round memory tiles, 6 square memory tiles, 1 pillow tile, 1 set of instructions.
Authors: Liesbeth Bos
Illustrators: Marina Rachner
Game type: memory game
allocation game
Game instructions language: Italian
Number of players up to: 4 persons
Game duration from: 5 min
Number of players from: 1 persons
Age from: 2 years
Material: Polyester, Cardboard, Wood