My Very First Games – Off to bed!

  • generously-sized, child-friendly game components made of wood and sturdy cardboard
  • a highly relevant parent-child topic handled in a playful way
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It’s time to go to bed! But the rabbit, bear and cat are unable to settle down because their beds, pillows and covers are all muddled up. What’s more, the animals each want their favorite stuffed toy. If the children have good powers of memory and a bit of luck in turning over the tiles, they can succeed in getting their animal into bed first.
3 animal figures, 3 cuddly toys, 3 beds, 3 pillows, 3 blankets, 20 tiles, 1 template

1 set of instructions.
• Place the tiles face-down in the center of the table; rabbit, bear, car, and shelf next to them. Have beds, pillows, blankets, and cuddly toys ready as a stockpile.
• Cooperative play the child turns over a tile; place the pictured bed, pillow, blanket, or cuddly toy with the matching figure or put the tile showing the potty, mug, toothbrush, or book on the shelf.
• Put the animal in bed as soon as the matching bed, pillow, blanket, and cuddly toy have been collected.
• Everyone wins if the 3 animals are in bed before all 8 tiles have been placed on the shelf, otherwise everyone loses.
• Includes a memory game and lottery variation.
Authors: Kristin Dittmann
Illustrators: Sabine Kraushaar
Game type: allocation game
Game instructions language: Dutch
Height: 6.7 cm
Width: 23.3 cm
Length: 15.3 cm
Number of players up to: 3 persons
Game duration from: 10 min
Number of players from: 1 persons
Age from: 2 years
Item no. 304761