My Very First Game Collection – Big Wonderland

  • enchanting, child-oriented game material made of wood and sturdy cardboard
  • 10 first die, memory, look-closely and stacking games
  • classic and new games all in one package
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Product details
Who will be thrilled with the big Wonderland Games? Both very small ones and their parents will find in this first games’ collection, 10 different games with easy rules and a short playing time, such as a picture bingo, color die game, memory game, domino, stacking game, look-closely game and many more. The gradually increasing degree of difficulty and the caringly designed game material will provide long lasting play fun.
1 game board (printed on both sides), 1 magician, 8 castle building blocks, 12 round crown tiles/ tiles showing a crown, 12 square memory tiles, 15 domino tiles, 1 color/ symbol die, set of game instructions.
Authors: Johannes Zirm
Christiane Hüpper
Markus Nikisch
Illustrators: Katharina Wieker
Game type: memory game
stacking/construction game
dice game
Age from: 1.5 years
Product weight: 1,830 g
Number of players up to: 3 persons
Game duration from: 5 min
Number of players from: 1 persons
Material: Cardboard, Wood

Game instructions