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Instructions for making Easter cards


Spring is just around the corner and the first flowers are already in bloom. Paul and the Rollicking Rollers are also thrilled about the first warm rays of sun and the colorful splendor of flowers. Together you can create a beautiful brightly colored greeting card and send it at Easter as well as on birthdays and many other occasions.  With a little assistance from mom or dad, you can get going right away with coloring, cutting out, and gluing.



You need:

  • Craft mat
  • Printed out templates
  • Scissors
  • Crayons or colored pencils
  • Glue stick

Tips for your parents:
This craft idea is suitable for children of all ages. You can cut out the flowers and faces for young children. Older children can help out in part or cut out everything themselves.


Now cut out the faces of the Rollicking Rollers and lay them on one side of the craft mat. When cutting out the flowers, it would be best if you let your parents help you.


Now take the Easter card in your hand. If you wish, you can first color the background, sun, and clouds. Then take the glue stick and glue the faces and flowers onto the card on the outside or also on the inside.

If you would like, you can write “Happy Easter” or a short text on the outside or inside of the card. You can of course always ask  your parents for assistance.

Now you are done and have a fantastic do-it-yourself present for Easter!


Have fun giving!

Do it yourself
Do it yourself