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Cute and authentic children’s design

The Kullerbü play world from HABA delights children and parents both with their awesome effects and easy assembly as well as their cute and authentic children’s design. The colorful balls and connecting elements bring a lot of color into play. And the large Kullerbü elements such as the big dipper ramp, the looping ramp, or the archway with the little bell are provided with friendly illustrations. There are all sorts of things for children to discover here: the jolly yellow cat that rejoices when the little bell rings at the finish line; the courageous frog who always wants to go higher; the loyal dog who watches his friends from the floor during their adventures; or the cheeky blue mice, who join on the fun.


The ingenious vehicles ensure unlimited Kullerbü rolling fun. The racy red speedster with momentum motor only needs a brief push start to get it on its way by itself. With the jolly ball convertibles, the Kullerbü balls can find a car for themselves. The children push the balls on four wheels through the playscape, and if they feel like it, the balls simply “climb out” and continue to roll on their own. And Engineer Egon’s train with locomotive and two cars comes loaded not only with two Kullerbü balls but also with a lot of play fun.


The great thing about the Kullerbü system is its versatility: it is stable and safe for the youngest children, is easily and yet flexibly compatible with other track sets, and at the same time is its own imaginative play world, which puts children in a good mood and encourages them to continue to play and experiment. And Kullerbü continues to grow! “We’re working full of joy on numerous new ideas, which will make the life of ball Paul and his friends even more colorful and multi-faceted,” declares the Kullerbü design team, which includes Anna Lena Filipiak, Ines Frömelt and Jan Schenkel. They give the Kullerbü play world from HABA its distinctive and cute design that delights children and fires up their imaginations.