Kullerbü – Pounding Bench Ship Ahoy

  • suited to free play and perfect for combining with all Kullerbü play tracks
  • fosters fine motor skills & capacity to react
  • trains color assignment through playing
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Product details
Knock, knock, knock... which ball belongs in which hole? Finding this out is heaps of fun: if the Captain Karl ball is knocked through the blue ring, it rings a bell in the hull of the ship. And if the green ball falls through the hole with the green ring, then it plops directly into a sleek ball-convertible, which is already waiting to drive on. So the Ship Ahoy Bouncing Pounder is not only ideal for free play, but is also perfect for combining with other Kullerbü play tracks.
1 Ship Ahoy Bouncing Pounder, 1 red ball-convertible, 1 hammer, 1 Captain Karl ball, 2 balls, 2 exit ramps.
Effect: without
Product weight: 0.845 kg
Height: 24.5 cm
Width: 12.3 cm
Length: 49.5 cm
Number of parts: 8
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 2 years
Material: Plastic, Beech, Plywood
Item no. 304816