Kullerbü – Ball Track On your box, get set, go!

  • Brand new for Kullerbü: The storage box is integrated into setup!
  • with exciting play effects: Speedy ball funnel, steep ball curve and a stop sign to cause a ball traffic jam
  • lots of pieces allow 3 different setups
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Product details
There’s something rattling in the box ... and what is inside? All sorts of colorful Kullerbü elements, with which little builders can create a variety of exciting ball track structures. The special highlight of this track: The popular Kullerbü storage box is the first thing to be built!
1 storage box, 1 ball funnel, 1 steep ball curve, 1 gateway, 2 ramps, 2 straight tracks, 1 curve, 12 columns, 6 column connectors, 1 momentum ramp, 1 wave curve, 1 little bell holder, 1 stop sign, 1 start block, 1 start ramp, 1 exit ramp, 7 dominoes, 2 balls, 1 René racers ball, 15 connecting elements.
Number of parts: 57
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 2 years
Product weight: 2.493 kg
Item no. 305025