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Fostering Creativity: creative learning path


The creative development of children in the first one to three years of life is characterized by experimentation with colors and shapes. In the next steps they refine their gross motor skills and become more and more aware of their surroundings. This enables them to depict people, animals and everything around them increasingly realistically in their pictures or figures. This is followed by the development of refined, abstract work, which requires perseverance and action planning.

Together with educators and pupils of Coburg Academy for Social Pedagogy we have developed the creative learning path. This illustrates the timing and content of the individual development phases, creative techniques suitable for stimulating children and the appropriate products from our range.



View our videos on creative techniques

IWAn Threading and Stacking

Threading and Stacking

IWAn Pricking


IWAn Fröbel Stars


IWAn Finger Paint

Finger Paint

IWAn Braiding and Weaving

Braiding and Weaving