Games n’ Fun Pets & Pals

  • one box – tons of fun
  • a wide variety of play elements with beautiful illustrations
  • includes 8 wooden play figures and a large, inspiring game landscape
  • 3 diverse games with variations
  • 2 intriguing puzzles made of sturdy cardboard
  • 3 entertaining read-aloud stories
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Product details
Pets offer a world of discovery! The children accompany Henry and Mia to the pet store and take a walk through the park with Thea and her pet dog Lilly. They help clean up the mess in the house, put on a kennel rally and organize a crazy animal snatching game.
1 game landscape house (= box bottom with insert, path), 4 deposit boards, 8 play figures (4 pets: turtle, cat, hamster, parakeet; 4 puppies & pals), 16 cardboard tiles (12 object tiles, 4 bone tiles), 18 wooden bones, 1 die, 2 puzzles, 1 set of instructions.
Authors: Annemarie Hölscher
Illustrators: Ute Simon
Game type: memory game
reaction game
race game
dice game
Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
Game instructions language: English
Age from: 3 years
Number of players up to: 4 persons
Game duration from: 10 min
Number of players from: 1 persons
Material: Wood, Cardboard

Game instructions