Fiddle Faddle!

  • includes blank cards for labeling to expand scope of game
  • includes 10 wooden figures
  • includes less boisterous game variant
  • updated version of the popular educational classic
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Feel, identify and name
We’ve all been victims at one time or another of those brazen goblins who scurry around the nursery, when no one is looking, and hide the toys. Now players can get everything back! When everyone joins hands and calls out “Fiddle Faddle!”, the hunt is on for the missing items in the magic pouches. If a player feels for a toys and takes the wrong one, then they are out for the rest of the round. Players with sensitive fingertips can recover the correct lost toys.
8 magic pouches, 10 wooden figures, 10 cards, 10 blank cards for custom labeling, 1 set of instructions.
• Put 8 wooden pieces in the pouches and spread them out in the center of the table. Have the matching cards ready as a face-down deck.
• Turn over the top card and, upon a signal, all feel for the correct wooden piece through the pouches at the same time.
• Call “Fiddle Faddle” if you think you have felt the right piece; open the pouch and check.
• Have you found the right piece? Take the card as a reward. Put the wooden piece back into the pouch, place it back in the center of the table, and mix up thoroughly.
• Have you found the wrong piece? Put the wooden piece back into the pouch, place it back in the center of the table, and mix up.
The other players may search again.
• The game ends as soon as the deck of cards is used up. The player with the most cards wins.
• The game can be expanded with household items and self-drawn cards.
Authors: Heinz Meister
Illustrators: Christine Faust
Game type: feeling game
learning game
Game instructions language: Spanish
Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
Number of players up to: 4 persons
Game duration from: 5 min
Number of players from: 2 persons
Game duration up to: 10 min
Age to: 6 years
Age from: 3 years
Material: Beech, Cardboard, Polyester
Item no. 304508

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