With dolls as their friends, every child can be delighted


Playfully Discover Everyday Life with HABA Dolls

Children are fascinated with everyday life from a young age and integrate it into their play. Dolls are the natural choice. Dolls from HABA are particularly well suited for this:

  • Their mischievous facial expression has been embroidered using strong thread.
  • The dolls can sit up straight because their fabric bodies are filled with polyester wool that easily retains its shape and makes the dolls nice to cuddle. 
  • Their soft hair is made from Chenille, so it can be gently finger combed and styled.

The perfect next step after the HABA fabric dolls are the equally cuddly HABA play dolls with head and limbs made of vinyl.

There are a wide variety of dolls available, so there’s something for every child: Soft fabric dolls, cute baby dolls, and lifelike play dolls.

Baby Dolls to Cuddle and Spoil


Many children enjoy playing out everyday family situations. Mother-father-child games are one of their favorites. HABA baby dolls make wonderful play partners and encourage children in their development. They are light and easy to carry, plus their bodies are soft which makes them perfect to cuddle, love and care for. This encourages empathic behavior through play. The wide array of accessories makes role-playing many different everyday situations easy. Whether the doll needs to be fed, its diaper changed, or tucked in at night, little ones can fully immerse themselves in their role-playing.

Soft and Cuddly Friends all Through Childhood

HABA dolls are cherished by children and let their hearts skip a beat. Whether Milla, Annelie, Jil or Wiebke, each doll can be a soft and cuddly friend for their entire childhood. They can be blondes, brunettes or redheads, wear a skirt or overalls, it really is up to you.