Varied and exciting – the family games by HABA

HABA family games all have one thing in common: they are “game night approved,” meaning that they were tested during several rounds of each game by friends and families ... who gave all the games a big thumbs up. So invite other players over soon, have some drinks and snacks available ... and you're ready to go! Superior strategists and tactical tile placers, quick thinkers and know-it-alls, and lucky devils and good losers are all in demand for a games evening with HABA family games. Something different is important in each game. Almost all family games last between 30 and 45 minutes – enough time for a second round or a different game. This goes especially for the card games, which have the shortest playing time of 15 to 20 minutes.

New products for fall 2019:

An overview of other family games:

Boom, Bang, Gold

A real firecracker of a game: In Boom, Bang, Gold, the players set out on a fast-paced and action-paced search for gold. The innovative game material provides an exciting explosion effect – not something for the fainthearted!


CONEX is an abstract card arranging game with many corners and edges. But only the player who manages to keep planning ahead will become the CONEX master.

Karuba – The card game

Karuba – the card game is the new variation of the award-winning best-seller Karuba. A must for all Karuba fans!


Iquazú is a thrilling game with high-quality features. Particularly ingenious is the dynamic game area, where precious stones disappear as if by magic.

King of the Dice

King of the Dice is a tricky gamer's game for the whole family. The illustrator is Brazilian artist Gus Batts, who moved to Canada to understand the meaning of cold.