The hiking season has begun, so it’s off to the next summit! But which hike do you dare to undertake? And do you have the right things with you? Because only with the appropriate equipment can you conquer the different hikes. With some luck, a good memory, and one or the other favor from your competitors, you can snag the most summit stamps!


Focus on selected route map. Decide which hike you dare to undertake.


Are you missing part of your equipment? Then hopefully you will know who can lend you the rest, and you can complete your hike.


The player who has collected the most stamps in their summit book wins the game.

The family game Mountains is so much fun to play because of the high degree of interaction among the mountaineers. It all comes down to a good memory, a favor or two from a competitor and, last but not least, that crucial bit of luck. Mountains takes everyone on an exciting mountain hike, is varied, and simply has to be played over and over again!

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Carlo A. Rossi, born in 1968, has loved playing board games since his childhood. He has always wanted to find out how good board games work. So it it is not surprising that since then he has been inventing his own children’s games, party games, and adult games. He prefers to leave the arduous invention of complicated strategy games to other game authors. Over 30 of his games have been published by various publishing companies since 2006. He often organizes game evenings with friends. He can never get enough of games, and his game collection is continually expanding.



Michael Menzel was born in 1975. He lives with his wife Stefanie and his son Johannes near Krefeld. He has already brought various games to life for HABA with his great illustrations in recent years such as “Orinoco Gold” and “Brandon the Brave”. Thrice winner of the Graf Ludo game graphics awards, which in 2013 he won for his game “Legends of Andor“and 2016 for Spookies, one of the first three HABA Family Games.