HABA + dolls = LOVE!

A tingling sensation all the way to the fingertips, buzzing like a hummingbird and the heart is aflutter. Unconditional love – right from the start. There are things that capture our hearts and never let go again. And it can happen anywhere – even if our lives have only just begun. That’s why toys enrich all of our childhood. 

 Because we play, develop, and create a unique connection with our favorite childhood doll – our first great love. With HABA, children discover the world and soon understand that there is a very special message behind every doll that they are given. And that is #iloveHABA.



A little fabric and a cute face? HABA dolls are much more than that! Together with the children, they create valuable memories in one of the most important phases of life. They are there when little explorers need them as cuddly partners, guardians of their secrets, mischief makers and companions. A childhood with HABA dolls means a childhood full of love and adventure. One thing is for sure: #iloveHABA is mutual. See for yourself!


Cuddly soft favorites – and much more!

The first day at kindergarten, a family holiday, long walks in the pram, discovery tours in the supermarket, sleeping in their own bed for the first time and the next doctor’s visit – children and their dolls quickly become inseparable. Not least because every HABA doll always has a good heart and lots of character. With their soft bodies and lovable faces, the HABA dolls are ready for an adventurous childhood, with all the accessories and everything they need. 

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What childhood dreams are made of

As soft as a cuddly pillow – but much sweeter! When their favorite doll accompanies the child into the world of dreams, the doll’s cotton wool-filled body is perfect for cuddling and loving. Was the night a little restless? The fluffy chenille hair can be beautifully styled in the morning.


Flexible and always there

HABA dolls can be bent, shaken and come with lots of accessories. Their colorful doll clothing can be taken off and put on again in no time thanks to hook and loop fasteners. The different dress sets provide additional variety so that the doll is perfectly styled for any occasion.

They know all the tricks

Wherever you go, sometimes even the center of attention. The HABA dolls accompany children as they play in the meadow, dig in the sand or eat breakfast. If they get a little dirty after all their adventures, they’re happy to take a spin in the washing machine so that they’re clean for their doll parent. All clean and ready for the next adventure!


Everything little doll parents need

Is the doll hungry? Just as well that the little dolls can sit directly at the dining table in their own seat. Travelling? The favorite doll can join the tour in the children’s backpack! What should I wear? The doll’s wardrobe is sure to have a stylish outfit ready! Curious? Our doll accessories are guaranteed to have everything you need.

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Did you know? How HABA dolls enrich childhood


In addition to the fabric dolls, our cute baby dolls and our realistically designed play dolls are also waiting to meet you. Discover our large world of dolls and let yourself be surprised by the magical accessories. HABA dolls are ready for an adventurous childhood! And you?


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