Dragon Battle

  • two levels of difficulty
  • a push your luck, risk taking game
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Drachenburg Castle is besieged by dragons who keep snatching its residents and are unwilling to release them. The players are called in to save the day. By rolling the right colors, they succeed in scaring off the naughty dragons, which allows the castle residents to free themselves. But it’s not an easy task, because black dice immediately fall into the well. The player who takes risks when rolling and earns the most stars by rescuing castle residents wins.
4 dragon tiles, 1 well tile, 20 castle resident cards, 8 juggler cards, 4 colored dice, 1 set of instructions.
• Prepare the game according to the game instructions.
• Roll the dice up to four times per turn and discard all dice of the same color.
• Each time you roll the dice, place all gray dice in wells, place all dice of any color with the dragon of the same color and thereby free the castle residents, or draw a juggler card.
• After your turn, top off the castle residents under the dragons from the draw pile.
• At the end of the game, the stars on the freed castle residents and jugglers are counted, the player with the most stars wins the game.
Authors: Benjamin Schwer
Illustrators: Marina Rachner
Game type: dice game
allocation game
collecting game
Game instructions language: Italian
Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
Number of players up to: 4 persons
Game duration from: 10 min
Number of players from: 2 persons
Game duration up to: 15 min
Age to: 99 years
Age from: 4 years
Material: Cardboard, Beech
Item no. 304160

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