Color Choo Choo

  • XXL game board with a railroad network
  • includes colorful train made of wood
  • 3 variations with different levels of difficulty
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Choo-choo, here comes the train! Many passengers are crowded together on the four colored train platforms. The players need to be lucky when rolling the dice and have an overall view when repositioning the switches. But what's going on? The passengers have tickets for different stations. The player who can bring the most passengers with the train to his/ her own color station is the winner.
1 large jigsaw game board, 3 colored track switches, 1 switch die, 1 train, 24 passenger tiles, 4 station tiles, 1 set of instructions.
• Set up the game board and place the train in front of the first switch.
• Each player takes one station tile. Shuffle the passenger tiles and place random piles on the four stations of the game board.
• Take turns rolling the switch die. Change the position of the corresponding switch and move the train to the station.
• Let the passengers board and transport them to your own or a different station shown on their tickets.
• The game ends once all the passengers have been transported to their station. The player with the longest line of passenger wins.
Authors: Felix Beukemann
Illustrators: Katharina Wieker
Game type: board game
dice game
sliding game
Warnings: Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Small parts. Choking risk.
Game instructions language: Spanish
Number of players up to: 4 persons
Game duration from: 10 min
Number of players from: 2 persons
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 3 years
Material: Cardboard, Wood
Item no. 303736