It’s child’s play slipping into new roles

... with children's costumes and accessories by HABA.
It’s child’s play slipping into new roles

Squeak, rattle and chime

... stimulate all the senses with the prick-up-your-ears glove puppets from HABA!
Squeak, rattle and chime

Huge fun for tiny tots …

inspiring game materials and the simplest rules
Huge fun for tiny tots …
Action-packed 3D Stacking game with Rhino Hero!
Welcome to HABA’s Little Friends

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Little Friends
Kullerbü rolling and racing fun

Discover the magic of Kullerbü!


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Board Games for Children age 2+
Small children are already little explorers. They watch and comprehend, play and learn, try things and experiment ... all of which makes day to day living for children age 2+ very exciting. Therefore, it is important to challenge and foster children adequately at this age. Kinder angemessen zu fordern und zu fördern.
Board Games for Children age 2+

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A look behind the scenes at HABA …

Introducing the HABA design department

Product Design
Mali asks the question of the month

Our little Mali is very curious. Each month she asks a HABA staff member a fascinating new question. In january, she would like to know can Is it possible to give luck to others?

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Enter the exciting world of HABA’s Little Friends!

Little Friends theme world

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Welcome to Kullerbü!

To the theme world Kullerbü

Welcome to Kullerbü