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Movement indoor and outdoor


Climbing trees


Climbing, balancing, moving hand over hand, resting, or swinging. The climbing wall is full of exciting adventures and play opportunities. It is designed as a modular system, and can be combined with climbing walls and hanging trail elements. This creates varied movement landscapes climbing exciting for children. All climbing wall elements are designed with great attention to detail, and laid out attractively. For example the shrub wall decorating gives the room a special jungle atmosphere. Climbing and play adventures need the right fall protection. That‘s why we ensure your climbing wall is equipped with the right mats. Fall protection is important and your attention is essential; the climbing gym is designed for a supervised area. This means that children can only use this equipment with competent and professional supervision.

Monkey bar trail


The monkey bar trail lets children develop in a holistic way. They create their own challenges, and do their best. Playing on the monkey bars offers children multiple incentives to exercise, differentiated in terms of difficulty, which strongly develop their entire body muscles and motor skills. Moreover, the monkey bars quickly create opportunities for children to socialize.

balancing path


The balancing path is a variable system consisting of blocks and boards, which can be used for different age groups. The boards are simply hung into the rungs of the balancing blocks. Construction is so easy that children can even do it themselves, allowing them to design the balancing course individually and to vary the level of difficulty.



Our flexible play system fulfills all kinds of wishes. Not only outdoor, but also indoor playgrounds (especially those that are heavily used) can be designed according to customer requirements with Terramo. Due to the 300 individual parts, the variety of play equipment that can be created is immense: from climbing frames and pirate ships, to space rockets.