Kullerbü – Playful Set Theme Set Flower Power and Effect ball Hot Pink Glitter

  • enchanting combination of 2 products: Theme Set Flower Power and Effect Ball Hot Pink Glitter
  • effect ball is a bouncy ball with awesome glitter effect
  • both products are part of the great Kullerbü play world for children from 2 - 8 years
  • perfect for combination with all Kullerbü play tracks
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Product details
This enchanting Kullerbü Playful Set from HABA is a great gift idea for all little flower lovers and glitter fans. Betty Bloomer or the effect ball hot pink glitter can alternately zoom in the racy ball convertible through the flower archway and back and forth through the children's room. The Theme Set and the effect ball will not only provide all sorts of fun alone or together. They also can be perfectly combined with all the Kullerbü play tracks. All in all, a great introduction to Kullerbü play!
Contents: 1 archway, 1 straight track, 1 ball convertible, 1 Betty Bloomer ball, 2 connecting elements, 2 exit ramps, 1 effect ball hot pink glitter.
Material: beech, plywood, plastic. Dimensions: Ø balls 4.6 cm. Age: from 2 years.
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Item no. 304184