My Very First Games – Tidy up!

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  • includes an 3D toy shelf
  • tidying up is fun!
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Little Tomcat Tiptop has been playing all day. Now it is time to tidy up. But where to put the building blocks? Where does the fire engine go? What about the stuffed giraffe? Who can help Tiptop put the toy tiles in the right places so his room is nice and tidy?
1 game shelf (= assembled in game box), 1 Tomcat Tiptop, 18 toy tiles (6x building blocks, 6x stuffed animals, 6x vehicles), 3 toy chests, 1 set of instructions.
• Assemble Tapsi’s play shelves as pictured in the set of instructions. Place play shelves closed in the center.
• Place the shuffled toy tiles face-up in front of the play shelves and Tapsi next to the play shelves.
• Play, in turn, in a clockwise direction. Ask the child which toy Tapsi would like to put away and place Tapsi with the desired toy.
• Ask the child what is pictured on the tile and in which shelf compartment it belongs. The child takes the tile and sticks it in the slot in the appropriate shelf compartment.
• The game ends when all the toy tiles are put away. Together with the children, check the toys in the shelf compartments. In addition, carefully fold up the game board and praise the children for the toys that have been correctly put away. For toys that have been incorrectly put away, look together with the child where the correct shelf compartment is.
Authors: Christiane Hüpper
Illustrators: Sabine Kraushaar
Game type: allocation game
cooperative game
Game instructions language: English
Product weight: 0.399 kg
Number of players up to: 3 persons
Game duration from: 5 min
Number of players from: 1 persons
Game duration up to: 10 min
Age from: 2 years
Material: Cardboard, Wood
Item no. 303588