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Summer at the beach: Camping vacation with the Little Friends


Hi, I’m Marc!

Today I’ll take you on a cool trip on four wheels.  On this vacation  we’re driving to the beach with our caravan! Mom Ines and Dad Karsten are just as excited as my best friends Colin and Tina. I’m so happy that my parents let them come with us. My sister Nora and I love to travel. But Nora is still a baby, so she hasn’t been to many places yet. This is her first trip with the Little Friends caravan.

The Little Friends family goes on holiday with the caravan


A caravan like this fits everything that a house or apartment has: a kitchen, a bathroom, beds, and lots of space for everything that you need on vacation. It’s so comfy! You just hitch the caravan up to the car, and drive wherever you want to go. We’re going to a campground directly on the beach. As soon as we get there, Dad Karsten extends the awning and sets up our lounge chairs. Let the vacation begin!

Baby Nora digs and plays

It was a long drive to get to the campground. Nora could hardly wait to finally get there. Her eyes lit up when we got to the beach. There are so many cool things to do with sand! Whether filling the bucket up all the way to the top, so that it spills over and falls down, or making funny squiggly lines with the handcart... it’s so much fun!

Tina relaxes at the beach


Tina wants to go to the beach right away too. Wow, it’s so warm here! She grabs one of our sunny yellow lounge chairs. In this heat she wants to do nothing more than just relax. She always has her blue beach bag with her. She’s already taken her favorite soft beach towel out of it. She makes herself comfortable on the sand and her new orange polka dot skirt, which she bought specially for our vacation, stays nice and clean.

Colin is a real water rat


Colin doesn’t want to relax; he prefers to be constantly moving. And he loves waves. They’re perfect for surfing! He’s been able to swim for ages. And since his trip in the last summer vacation he’s also the best surfer in our class. It goes without saying that he has his surfboard with him this time too. Wow, I’d like to be able to balance like that on the water too!

Marc and his fast wheels


Colin and I both like sports that are fast and action-packed. But I prefer to be on wheels and solid ground. Dad Karsten told me that there are some cool ramps here at the campground. So there was no question, I had to bring my skateboard! I still remember when I managed my first jump without falling off. Mom Ines was really proud. But she insists that I always wear my helmet. It matches my red wheels perfectly! I practice cool new jumps all afternoon.

The Little Friends meet a dog mother and her puppies


Leika keeps watch over the campground. She has two cute puppies. The two little pups love it when someone throws their Frisbees and they can run along and play fetch. But they shouldn’t do too much sport! Because they are so little, the two puppies need to take regular rests. That’s why they have their orange dog basket, which they both fit into at the same time. Then they cuddle up on their blue fleece blanket and enjoy an afternoon nap at the beach.

A night in the tent and a campfire


Unlike the dogs, we children didn’t have an afternoon nap. So by the time evening comes along we’re really tired! Though there are beds in the caravan, sleeping under the stars is definitely part of camping, don’t you agree? That’s why we also brought a yellow tent with us. Dad Karsten makes us a warm campfire out the front. Now we can make ourselves comfortable in the sleeping bags. The others sit around and join us. This is a great vacation!

And that’s the end of a day at the beach... until next time!

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