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Little Friends - companions all through childhood


Super sweet, colorful and bendable – Little Friends are buddies all through childhood, because the little dolls made from sturdy plastic will go along on any adventure: looking for vitamins in cereal, digging out worms in the yard or diving for fish in the bathtub. 
Little Friends always take part, especially when it comes to the things that kids like doing best: playing, playing, playing. Classic dollhouse role games, experiences in kindergarten  or with the family... with the little dolls, kids can role play scenerios from their everyday life. They accompany children while they’re growing up, and help them deal with their experiences and develop socially.
Little Friends are just like  real children with typical interests and needs, moods, ideas and jokes. The slogan “Just like you and me” should therefore be taken literally.

Sophisticated design


The characters of the Little Friends refer back to our well-known cloth dolls and win us over with their cute and child-friendly look. Along with all the other HABA dolls, designer Ines Frömelt  has designed the Little Friends: “Our idea was to offer children a true alternative to dolls that are either unrealistic or look like adults. Children need imaginative toys, especially those that will spark their own imagination and give them the space to put their ideas into practice.” That’s why the Little Friends look like children of the same age, in line with the motto “kids for kids.” They are made with a bendable wire frame, which is covered in durable plastic. This allows children to bend the Little Friends into different poses, making their playing experience more realistic. Together with her design colleague Jutta Neundorf, Ines Frömelt is already working on the next Little Friends.

Role playing everyday life


Little Friends have their feet firmly planted in our world and they experience everyday things. Precisely the things that your children imagine for their little dolls, or that they would like to (role) play. This can be occurrences from kindergarten or school as well as scenes from family life or their circle of friends. More little dolls and a selection of special playing themes are planned for the next several years and are already being drawn up by our designers. But adventurous, exciting or funny ideas can also be role played with the Little Friends.
Playing with dolls is important for children’s social development. In particular different role playing games, slipping into different identities - in other words, “pretending as if...” is an important impetus for children’s emotional development. Their social behavior is developed incidentally and in a playful manner, and their sense of empathy is trained.

Playing safely, including digitally

The content of the Little Friends site is child-friendly and safe. The range of what is offered is diverse and appeals to the different interests and needs of children:

Little Doll designer

Which skirt should Lilli wear today? Or maybe it should be a pair of pants? With the Little Doll designer, children can play with the Little Friends digitally in a simple and child-friendly way. The designs can be personalized, printed out, sent and shared on social networks.

Do it yourself

You will keep finding new crafting ideas to suit the stories here. These ideas go from child-friendly and simple crafting instructions to recipes and suggestions for nice things that you can do yourself either for or with your child.

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