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Let’s go outside: Playing in the Little Friends’ tree house and garden


Hello, my name is Elise!

Do you know where I like to play most of all? Outside in the Little Friends’ big garden with its great tree house, playground equipment, sandbox, and vegetable patches. There’s so much to experience, to do, and to see here! My favorite place of all is the fantastic tree house! A platform has been built on the trees’ strongest branches, which is great for playing on.

What I enjoy the most is when my friend Lilli and I can play in the tree house together. A rope ladder leads up into the trees. It’s not easy, but we help each other to climb. At the top we’re all alone and can watch the birds and little squirrels and simply play in peace. But the wonderful tree house has even more to offer!

Relaxing in the hammock and reaching new heights in the children’s swing


A hammock is stretched between the two large trees and it is so comfortable! You can sway back and forth, rest a little after playing and climbing, or read a book. The swing, which hangs under our tree house, is also great! I always try to swing really high and push myself with my legs. Of course, it’s even easier if an adult or one of my friends pushes me a bit. Then I feel like I can almost reach the clouds with my feet!

Heaps of fun at the children’s playground


We Little Friends play in the playground when the weather is good. There’s a big sandbox with plenty of room for us children. I love to dig and I especially enjoy building sandcastles. Yesterday, Mali, Felicitas, and I built a really big castle with lots of towers and walls. That was fun! I enjoy bouncing up and down on the seesaw with Lilli. We recited funny rhymes. The little babies Max and Marie also like to come to the playground with their mommy or daddy and dig in the sand or be pushed on the children’s swing.

The hard-working Little Friends gardeners


I like to help in the garden at Villa Frühlingsmorgen. A beautiful garden has to be looked after, then you can plant fruit and vegetables. I especially enjoy helping when it’s time for harvesting. In the small greenhouse of Lilli’s daddy Michael, there is a lot of lettuce growing, and we also pulled small, crunchy carrots out of the earth. A quick wash and then we were able to nibble on the carrots. They tasted much better than the vegetables from the supermarket!

Michael also showed us how to dig up the earth and prepare it for new plants. The digging was tiring but afterwards we rested on the beautiful terrace and sipped on a cold lemonade while we admired the garden. Afterwards we had a delicious barbecue and we all ate together under the big sunshade. A perfect day in the fresh air!

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