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Instructions for making lanterns as window pictures


You need:

  • Birthday cake candles with candle holders or other solid-colored candles in colored wax
  • white paper (A6 format)
  • black construction paper (A6 format or slightly larger)
  • thin ribbons
  • Craft mat
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • glue

For parents:

  • Lighter or matches

Hint for parents:

This craft idea is suitable for children from about 5 years and is easy to implement with a little help from parents. But you should consider a few key points: Stay with your child at all times and make them aware of the dangers of an open flame. Explain that the candle should be kept at a certain distance away from the paper. Don't let the flame get too close to the paper. Do not leave your child unattended with candles, lighter or matches and point out that they are not allowed to touch the wax until it's gone cold after a few seconds.


Here's how:

Place a sheet of white paper onto the craft mat. Choose a candle, put the candle holder on it to protect your fingers, and let your parents light it. Now hold the candle diagonally a short distance away from the paper, and let the wax drip onto the paper.


You can blow out the candle after five to ten drops and change color. You might need to shorten the wick, so that the candle doesn't give off sooty smoke or burn too strongly.


When the wax drops are dry after a few seconds, you can hold the test picture up to the light or a window. It should look like this:


You can make window pictures by dripping totally different wax colors:


Each window pictures now needs a frame, so that it looks like a lantern. Measure approximately 1.5cm inwards from each side and connect with points by drawing lines between them.


Then cut out the middle (the shaded part in the photo). Now you should have a frame:


Place the frame on the craft mat and glue the edges. Now it's ready for you to stick your window picture onto it. You can decide which side you'll be able to see from the window (the front with drops of wax or the back). Both ways look beautiful.

Now you just need the thin ribbon to hang it up. Stick this onto the back of the picture. Now you can hang up the finished lantern in the window.

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