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An exciting day at the Little Friends veterinary clinic


Hello, my name is Andreas!

Soy veterinario en la clínica de los Little Friends. Se trata de una profesión muy interesante, porque todos los días son completamente distintos unos de otros. Hoy quiero enseñaros un poco nuestra clínica y contaros acerca de los visitantes que tenemos.

09:00 am: The day at the veterinary clinic begins


When I get up in the morning, I look forward to all the patients waiting for me on this new day. In the veterinary practice I meet my colleague Rebekka. She is a veterinary technician and assists me with the examinations, arranges appointments, and provides our patients big and small with everything they need. Rebekka is great at calming down nervous animals! This helps me a lot because it’s much easier to treat an animal on the examination table if it’s not afraid. Our first four-legged friends and their owners are already waiting for us.

11:00 am: Visit from Villa Spring Morning


Now it’s the turn of Matze and his cat Sally, who hasn’t wanted to eat anything since yesterday. Matze is very worried, but Rebekka tells him exactly how we will examine Sally to find out what is wrong with her. I lift the little cat onto the table and start to examine her using my hands and with the instruments from my doctor’s suitcase. Rebekka and Matze stroke the cat and she lies very still. Finally I discover that the poor thing has inflamed gums! Of course Sally doesn’t want to eat anything with a toothache. Rebekka selects the tablets that will soon make the cat feel better. The cat also gets an injection for the pain and I explain to Matze that Sally should take it easy for the next few days so that she can quickly recover and eat as before. That’s a wrap!

3:30 pm: An emergency, quick – to the farm!


The phone rings and farmer Franz tells me that his cow is about to give birth to her calf! So I quickly grab my bag and take the vet’s car to the farm, because it’s important that a vet can intervene quickly if there are any complications during the birth. When I arrive, I go directly to the stable, where farmer Franz and little Vreni are already waiting for me. Vreni is very excited and curious about the new calf! Fortunately, I don’t have to do much, because nature has made it so that animals can give birth to their offspring without people having to help them. When the little calf arrives, I wait to see if it can find its mother’s udder. “Great, that worked!”, Franz is pleased. Afterwards I examine the animal’s legs, stomach, and head and discuss the calf’s vaccinations with farmer Franz. “Will that hurt him?” asks Vreni, worried. “Only very briefly,” I promise and explain to her that these will protect the newborn calf against many diseases.


6:00 pm: Four-legged overnight guests

In the evening, Rebekka and I take care of the patients who we have to keep in the veterinary clinic for a short time to keep an eye on them. We examine each animal, feed them, sometimes draw a little blood, and change bandages. On the big scales we also check whether our patients are gaining or losing weight, as this is often a good indication of how their state of health is developing.  We can let some of our guests go home tomorrow morning, because they are healthy again. But we’ll be needed by someone else, as it’s never boring in our clinic!

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