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Being creative with the Little Friends

Who would like to cut, glue and craft with us? Being crafty isn’t just fun, it also makes us feel happy and content. You don’t have to be a professional to use our ideas. There’s something for everyone and you will see how much fun it is to be creative with us.
Best thing would be to look at the project ideas with your parents and let them help you with the preparations. Print the instructions out and get together the materials you’ll need. If something is missing, you can find it in a craft shop or in the stationery department. But a lot of the ideas are meant to be made with stuff you already have around the house.
We hope you have lots of fun!

Design your own little doll

Little Doll designer













Do it yourself

Making St. Nicholas/Santa Claus Boots

Christmas is the best celebration of the year, except for your birthday, right? But why do you always have to wait so long for Christmas? We have a fantastic craft idea to shorten the time for you before Christmas: make St. Nicholas/Santa Claus Boots from felt and remnants of fabric. They are awesome as a small gift or terrific Christmas tree decorations. With some help, the instructions are rather easy to follow. You only need felt, fabric remnants, ribbon, glue, needle and thread, and then you're ready to start. But let Mom or Dad help you, for it's better if a grownup is there to help with cutting out the boots.

We hope you'll have a lot of fun!

Make window pictures and draw lantern pictures

As the fall weather hones in and the days get shorter, it's time to make a colorful window eye-catcher. Our suggestion: Lanterns as window pictures. This a great idea for older kindergartners and all schoolchildren. You just need paper and colored candles, then you're all ready to get started. But let mom or dad help, because it's always good to have an adult around when making craft projects with candles.

The Little Friends also go on a lantern parade. You could also draw that: But you should ask your parents to print out the coloring in pictures onto blue, gray or black construction paper. When you color in the pictures with crayons, the colors start to glow beautifully. Which lamp do you want to color in - Elise, Mali, Milla or Matze?

We hope you have lots of fun!


Felting a soccer ball for the Little Friends

Matze and Felicitas are true soccer fans and love to kick a ball around. Those who don’t yet have a soccer ball for their Little Friends can felt one for the little dolls to play with. Felting isn’t hard, but you will need to get a few things first. Take a look at the instructions, go get some felting material with Mom and Dad, and then get going!

Soccer ball felting instructions

Have fun!


Little Friends Coloring Picture: Mali in Winter

Snow is awesome, but we often have to wait a long time for it  ... or it doesn't snow at all.  Anyone who would like to shorten the time waiting for it to snow – or if the winter weather is simply wet all the time where you are – can pass the time coloring pictures. Just print out the Mali in Winter template, and off you go.

We hope you have a lot of fun!

Little Friends Imke with Rabbits coloring page

Do you like rabbits as much as Imke does?

If you'd like, you can make two rabbits for Imke. You just have to ask Mom or Dad to print out the Imke with Rabbits coloring page and then you're ready to go. You can color the rabbits with crayons and glue them next to Imke in the meadow. Or you can cut them out as stencils, lay them on colored construction paper, draw around them with a pencil, and cut out the construction paper rabbits. If you'd like, glue on a little white cotton ball as a tail.

Awesome extra: you can also use the stencils for making Easter cards. 
Have fun!


Little Friends dress-up dolls

What should Milla wear? Her overalls? Or maybe a dress? And: she's missing some bright colors ... why don't you take your pencils and markers, and get going? Your parents can help you with printing out the pattern. Then you can color in Milla and her clothes, before cutting them out. It's really easy; you just have to follow the dashed line with the scissors. To make it easier to attach the items of clothing you can use craft glue to stick Milla to a piece of thin cardboard. Then simply fold the tab toward the back and Milla is wearing some of your designer clothes! Isn't that cool?

Milla dress-up doll


Little Friends coloring pictures

Go get your colored pencils, ask your parents to help you print out the coloring pictures, and get going: you can decide what the Little Friends should look like with the coloring pictures. Use your favorite colors and decorate the pictures however you like, maybe with glitter pens or little stickers? The little artworks can be hung up in you room or given as a gift to friends, parents and grandparents.

Mali coloring picture
Elise coloring picture
Milla coloring picture
Matze coloring picture


A discovery tour through the woods

There are a lot of woods where the Little Friends come from. How about where you live? Take a trip out into the woods, either with your parents on the weekend or with your class when your teacher can take you. Then you can see lots of things, hear interesting noises and collect all kinds of interesting objects: leaves, branches, stones, pinecones and acorns. How many different kinds of leaves can you find? And: what animals did you see? It’s really easy to record what happened with the downloadable discovery sheet. Mom or Dad will be happy to help you write down where you went. Then you can fill in, check, glue or draw the rest yourself.

We hope you have lots of fun and find interesting things!

Little Friends Invitations

How would you like to celebrate your birthday just like Lilli?

If you like, you can make invitations for your next birthday party. To do so, you have to ask mom or dad to print out the Little Friends Invitations, perhaps on a somewhat heavier white paper, and then you’re all set. Cut out the cards, enter the names of the guests (maybe you can do that yourself), add the time and place of the party (your parents will probably have to help some, but that doesn’t matter), and put them in envelopes. And then you can distribute them to your friends.

We hope you have lots of fun!


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