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A wildly exciting visit to the Zoo with Little Friends


Hello, my name is Colin!

Have you ever been to the zoo? Today Mom is taking Matze and me to the zoo. I’m so excited! I love animals. And at the zoo you can see lots of animals that I’ve never seen in real life; I’ve only seen them  in books or on TV. The sandwiches for our picnic have been made, so we’re ready to go. “I think the African section is the most exciting! It has the largest animals”, explains Matze. “Let’s go straight to the giraffes!” Mom and I can hardly keep up; Matze is in such a hurry. Come quickly!

Just like on the Savanna


Finally he stops at a fence. The landscape behind it looks like the grasslands of Africa, which are called a “savanna”. Tall giraffes stride majestically, amongst the zebras, around the large enclosure.. I love the zebras! The look like black and white striped ponies. Matze is amazed at the giraffes, “Look how tall they are... and how long their necks are! Like a brontosaurus!“

The King of the Animals


Right next door, a mighty lion roams around his territory. Matze is thrilled. “Have you ever heard a lion roar?” he asks me. “It’s really impressive!” This lion looks a little like Matze’s cat Sally, except that Sally doesn’t have such an impressive dark brown mane. The lion has giant paws, which look just like Sally’s, though a fair bit bigger. We watch the lion expectantly, but he only wanders back and forth, and doesn’t roar.

The thick-skinned Elephants have a baby


“Come over here, there’s something cool to see here!” calls Mom. She’s already moved on to the next enclosure. “Look at the long tusks!” says Matze as he looks at the powerful elephants. Elephants don’t have fur, instead they have thick, gray skin. “Oh, look!” I call out excitedly,  “There’s a little one – a baby!” A baby elephant peeks out from behind one of the adults. It holds up its trunk curiously. Matze and I wave happily to the little baby, and it plucks up the courage to come out from behind its mother and take a couple of steps toward us. Matze gushes: “It’s so cute!” and I totally agree. The little elephant has the cutest mop of hair on its head!

A Little Friends Zoo for your home

I can’t get enough of the baby elephant. But next to me there’s a rumble. Matze looks at me sheepishly. “That was my belly. I’m really hungry!” “Then let’s have a picnic. Mom packed us some delicious sandwiches”, I suggest. We look for a bench in the shade, and enjoy the delicious sandwiches. “What should we look at next?” asks Matze. “The petting zoo!” I call out.
You could spend all day at the zoo! Don’t you agree? If you want to learn more about the African animals, and create your own zoo adventure, then take the Little Friends zoo animals home with you to build your own Little Friends zoo. Have fun!

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