Kullerbü – Ball Track Kringel Domino

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  • great special effect: depending on the structure of the domino steps, the dominoes are able to fall downwards or upwards
  • two different sizes of dominoes provide hours of free play
  • perfect for combining with all other Kullerbü ball tracks
  • light blue track has built in steps for dominoes
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Product details
The little dominoes on the domino steps fall down one after the other in the most beautiful rainbow colors. The dominos can either fall upwards or downwards, depending on the setup. It goes click-click down the domino stairs and speedily the second ball rushes around the curves before it pushes over the large dominoes.
1 domino steps, 2 step curves, 1 wavy curve, 3 curves, 1 launch ramp, 9 connecting elements, 2 columns, 12 domino blocks , 1 ball Star, 1 ball Flower.
Number of parts: 33
Product weight: 0.878 kg
Height: 13 cm
Width: 45.5 cm
Length: 48.5 cm
Age to: 8 years
Age from: 2 years
Material: Polypropylene, Beech, ABS
Item no. 305347