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About us


The holistic development of children aged between 0 and 8 years of age is the primary objective of HABA education. Our products are perfectly aligned to the needs and concerns of teachers. They find inspiration and materials for their day-to-day work: learning concepts, play and work materials that foster the senses, creative material and movement material for indoors and outdoors – whether in nur-series, kindergartens, pre-schools or learning centers.

We have compiled this variety of products for you as an ambitious school supplier from our many years of experience.

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 This is who we are!

As an association of strong brands of the HABA Family of Companies, we have one goal: Shaping worlds of learning together. We achieve this by harnessing synergies, collaborating with experts, and implementing innovative ideas. The individual brands work in close cooperation and accompany all children as well as their educators, advisers, and teachers from elementary school to the university level.

Wehrfritz is a complete outfitter for daycare, preschool, and social institutions. In the development and distribution of teaching and learning materials, innovative furniture and educationally sound room concepts, the needs of children and educators and teachers are the top priority.

project as an innovative outfitter of schools offers solutions for holistic learning environments. Well thought-out room concepts support students in learning and teachers in teaching.

The Gesellschaft für digitale Bildung (Society for Digital Education) has its headquarters in Hamburg and follows the motto: no IT equipment without a concept. As a system-independent solution provider, it is committed to the digitalization of educational institutions.

The HABA Digitalwerkstatt (Digital Workshop) is an innovative learning space throughout Germany where children from 6 to 12 years old can playfully discover the digital world and acquire important skills dealing with new technologies.

These are brands of the HABA Family of Companies.